McElroy speed key census





As we say Tom French W1IMQ passed away some months


ago. This created the loss of a friend and with him, the


loss for all of useful informations that Tom had patiently


collected over the years.




Tom was a great collector of semiautomatics key, in


particular of McElroy Key.




Tom has dedicated a book rich in information on the life


of Teodor  R. McElroy and his key productions.


Tom give available on his website the long Mc-Key


census, usefull info to all radio amateur.




I will only update Tom's information as a gratitude to


Tom and for his fine job.


If we have all this information today, we just have to


thanks Tom French W1IMQ.



    Click here to download Mc-Key census 



73 de Claudio, IZ0KRC.



25 October 2018